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    The "retail Apocalypse"

    I agree Aero, although the skilled training I was talking about would not be something a manager could teach, but rather requires certifications and apprenticeships. I keep reading and hearing employers complain about not finding skilled people, mainly in industry, repair, etc. Unless there's a...
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    Man Forcefully Dragged Off Overbooked United Flight

    I agree with the OP. I'm sure that the conditions were real. But the amount of attention and the outrage being encouraged by the media is making me suspect that this is a unique twist on agitprop. Remember, this was not an issue of overbooking, which the news keeps saying that it was (actually...
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    The "retail Apocalypse"

    I always hear that Minimum wage is only paid to teenagers looking for entry level jobs. In my region however, especially after the great devaluation-wealth transfer of 08' I notice a lot of middle aged adults at or near those positions. Its not a scam working class people are pulling. Its not as...
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    Chicken Little 1943

    I've seen this cartoon before. Using the dialectic to enforce the dialectic, brilliant!
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    Eyes Wide Shut

    A classic conspiracy icon which has at least two sides of meaning. The first level deals with relationships, which screens out the majority of film analysis. The second deals with initiation into the occult elite. VC ...
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    Movies you'd like to see covered

    I hope this isn't against house rules in mentioning other occult theorists, but Jay Dyer helped explained Lynch in his "Inland Empire" series. Twin Peaks: Lost Highway...
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    That Poppy?

    I loved how the kids reacted to her as a creepy monster instead of the normal persona she presents, especially the end. Getting into "Overly Attached" territory here! haha! It was supposed to be inside a computer. I suspect that it might be the origin source of inspiration for Poppy. In what...
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    That Poppy?

    That kinda bothers me. I can see publicity being allowed to balloon, then a big reveal from the actors to discredit all the crazy conspiracy theorists who gave her publicity. Meanwhile the videos still produce whatever effect they were made for. There are elements in these videos that remind me...
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    That Poppy?

    A "trans or post-humanistic angle to this mystery? Interesting. As I said earlier, There is a PR face to this, which will probably be used to explain and neutralize further discussion of the subject once it has served its purpose. However, there is a lot of older, deeper, directed material and...
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    Nature Of The Hierarchy

    In my postings on the elite, I've found it difficult to make any definite statements concerning their influence. Unfortunately so few actual facts exist, leaving us with more rumor and speculation to build on. However, there are deductions one can make for a better understanding of the...
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    Conjuring the perfected Illuminati Gum (TM)- Try our others flavors like Persian Peppermint and...

    Conjuring the perfected Illuminati Gum (TM)- Try our others flavors like Persian Peppermint and Kybalion Wintergreen today!
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    Suggestion Thread?

    Hopefully this has not been asked, but would a "Suggestion Thread"; where members suggest new material to analyze for possible future articles; be a good idea for these forums? --- One such example is a hidden film I found buried in the archives of TubiTV called "Aimy in Cage." Its starts off...
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    What was the first article you read by VC?

    As I announced in my intro post, mine was Lady Gaga's "Born this Way." I wasn't a fan but the weird photo on the side caught my attention. I watched the intro and knew that there was definitely more to its story. My introduction to VC came as a result of a quick Google search. The connection...
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    Why o why did you pick your user name?

    Without revealing to much, Palladium Witness is a reference to a project that I'm currently working on. Mysterious but appropriate.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    This is my first official posting here, so here it goes! Anyway... I grew up in a religious family interested in investigating the supernatural; so its only natural that I've had an interest in much of the material presented in this community. However it wasn't until I clicked on a YouTube...