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    Superbowl wristbands

    All religious arguments aside. Just want to add that Shakira is hot
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    Building muscle

    Every supplement company will push their product. That’s their money maker. Results are achievable without supplements, but I take supplements cause I know I won’t be hitting my macros through diet alone. Even then, having a little extra vitamins doesn’t hurt. Glad this thread is still going...
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    The "retail Apocalypse"

    Idk, brick and mortar is still beneficial. There’s just that thought of technology malfunction, etc.
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    Toxic mold illness -Ignorance and denial

    What Phithx said. Mold is a silent killer. You really gotta maintain house cleanliness. Even then, with faucets, etc. Humidity, it’s just so common
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    Hope everyone is having a happy/productive weekend. Just got a raise! A nice one at that :) life...

    Hope everyone is having a happy/productive weekend. Just got a raise! A nice one at that :) life is going well
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    2 members of 2 different bands died on Friday night

    2020 has been off to a weird start. Losing all these talented people in music, sports. Chiefs win the super bowl in like 50 years. Any significance to the #50? Other tidbits. New decade. Consider all that started the year with Iran, impeachment trials etc. Something is up.
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    Building muscle

    Single leg is hard. Takes a lot of balance and amazing core strength. I’ve played ice hockey and struggle with balance on single leg deadlifts.
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    The Super bowl half time show.

    Haven’t really looked for symbolism yet regarding the halftime show. I was honestly distracted by Shakira and those hips :oops:. Gonna be researching now in a few. The super bowl was background noise for me.
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    Building muscle

    Nothing to add other than lift heavy. Compound lifts(bench/squat/deadlift) is key, but isolation helps. Especially to keep joints healthy. If you bench, do a lot of pulls like rows, variations etc. If you squat, make sure you do side lunges and do some leg curls to target the hamstrings...
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    American Breakdown

    They are not illegal. Accessible for diabetics, etc. It’s the whole druggie addiction, needles in the park that looks bad.
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    Kobe Bryant is gone

    Food for thought. This happened the weekend of the grammy’s. New decade. Why is it that a major cultural icon passes away a week or so before the super bowl? I remember Whitney Houston also passed around a similar time. Regardless of the conspiracy. Kobe was the man. RIP mamba
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    American Breakdown

    Oregon is loopy
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    Kobe Bryant is gone

    Idk man. But this sucks.
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    What are you listening to?

    I like music. Mainly listen to bands like Witchcraft, Bad Religion, Stonesour/some slipknot, TOOL. But I listen to about any genre. Although I am not fond of country music, I like some southern flare in my rock music. Slide guitar style, some rock mixed with blues. Reminds me of just sipping...