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    Jeffrey Epstein. Hello?

    It's laughable that the movie industry is suddenly pretending to be morally superior in all of this. They cut ties with her but continue to fawn over and support Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bryan Singer, Bryan Peck, and industry pedo's in general.
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    Bernie Staffer: Kill Political Opponents, Burn People In Streets, Cops To Be ‘Beaten’ If Bernie Loses

    Socialism is the stepping stone to Communism, especially the type Bernie is pushing for.
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    Bernie Staffer: Kill Political Opponents, Burn People In Streets, Cops To Be ‘Beaten’ If Bernie Loses

    This is probably/obviously why Bernie's staffers tried to lock up their accounts after the Project Veritas evidence on Jurek. They are cut from the same cloth. What more do people need to wake up to Bernie's brand of communism? Those who push for - but are completely ignorant of - the dangers...
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    This is what it's like

    To recap: You don't want to hear any opinions or views other than your own, so 'discussion' is actually pointless. Got it.
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    Bernie Staffer: Kill Political Opponents, Burn People In Streets, Cops To Be ‘Beaten’ If Bernie Loses

    Yup. People often wonder how Nazi Germany happened. Well, take a good long look behind the Bernie Sanders campaign. That is exactly how it happened. They are right/superior, everyone else is wrong/inferior, and therefore everyone else needs to be re-educated... or just taken out back and shot...
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    The Royal Family and Brexit

    Complete BS. MM was very much welcomed at first, and they were handed A LOT on the taxpayers dime. Royal Wedding: $45 million estimated. Kensington Palace: They turned it down for Frogmore, which cost at least $3 million to renovate for them. Endless 'Royal Breaks'... and now they are quitting...
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    Did Iran shoot down Flight PS752? What now, genius.
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    When Religion And Conspiracy Theories Collide.

    The alleged question seems more akin to 'Watch this stupidly long video about animal abuse and then explain why you all haven't stopped beating your dogs yet. Why do you continue to abuse harmless animals?!? Let's see you squirm your way out of it - ha ha ha.". The OP is an accusation, not a...
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    Suicide rate amongst kids aged 10-14 tripled in last decade.

    You apparently missed the OP statement: "The illuminati's hopeless and godless fruits and works are a scourge on the children and humanity." Many any of us believe godlessness IS the core problem, so it's right and appropriate that we should bring God into this discussion. I have a Christian...
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    Ghislaine Maxwell spotted in public for first time in 3 years at In-N-Out Burger
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    Jeffery Epstein Commits Suicide

    Ghislaine Maxwell is 'totally convinced' that she will not face prosecution over alleged procurement of girls for Jeffrey Epstein as she has too much 'dirt' on rich people, family friend says
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    Done with Donald

    As a woman, I 100% agree with @Artful Revealer. I have the right to use the womens bathroom without a man invading it, and vice-versa for men. Facts are facts: It's impossible to truly change ones' gender. The tiny percentage who choose to change their outward appearance should not force the...
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    The Catholic Church!

    Corey Taylor was sexually assaulted when he was 10. He has discussed it in interviews.
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    Cold, loveless world

    The takeaway [similar to what Lisa was saying]: Research and prepare before you hit old age and major health issues. There are laws in place for nursing and care homes, and they do have the right to evict based on several conditions [stated in the article]. There are definitely some people [such...
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    Jeffrey Epstein. Hello? "Prince Andrew's bombshell 5:50am email to Ghislaine Maxwell just hours after 'trafficked slave' said she had sex with the royal is uncovered by BBC probe."