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    Christina Grimmie Death

    ideally, yes.. but nope, the industry is all just mud, if you ain't dirty, you're put in a drawer and the sold outs get all the promotion.
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    BTS discussion thread

    GENIUS <3333
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    Traηsgender agenda in Kpop

    I was just about to come here and talk about them. I didn't really notice anything during their debut, but watching the MV for their new song really made me think that some members' anatomy doesn't look right... like rectangle-ish bodies, no back curve, small hips...
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    Christina Grimmie Death

    At least it's not "Only Murderers..." :))
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    SKZ Discussion Thread

    everything's been hella programmed since the very beginning... we don't even know how well-forged everything in this industry is.
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    Christina Grimmie Death

    didn't she have that tv series with somehting 'murder' in the title in which she plays a lesbian?
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    Twice Discussion Thread

    the man is hella creepy and all but this is literally the whole idolatry thing turning back against them... they wanted solid fanbases with fans that are obsessed with them, well...
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    Christina Grimmie Death

    thought so too, but it isn't like Selena's career suddenly took a high turn... musically, she's irrelevant. as an actress, she's mediocre most of the time. i do think she has a solid fanbase, has had it for years
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    someone recently mentioned KNK here and this year a member of KNK played in a BL drama.... i thought it was pretty tragic cause the group isnt popular and i guess he really needed the paycheck... after that drama, now he gained a bit more popularity including some popularity awards...
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    is she even human at this point? this is well gone past unnatural... no body shaming, but saying it's unhealthy is just an understatement. her spine is one day gonna break. it's a miracle she can support herself to stand straight. seriously she doesn't seem to have one muscle, just sticks
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    isn't the only one.... i think that there are things being very carefully calculated and a code that some people vigilant enough can break and thus figure out things like this. supposedly, charles is gonna die in march 2026 (said another account that predicted sept 8 for queen elizabeth)
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    What happened to Madonna ?

    bonnyborland, the real MVP, said it so well
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    gosh it's so annoying how literally all social media is FLOODED with messages like "may she rest in light", "the end of a glorious era", "something in each of us died with her", "forever respect".... idk if to laugh or cry about it... she might as well have been dead for a while... (there was...
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence

    i feel uncomfortable with that light coming from between l33kn0w's legs... plus, idk if there's some meaning behind everyone having their hair coming in front of their eyes, like can they even see .... ??
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    Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence LOL.