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    Ignore Alert

    Maybe trolling would be less fun for the concerned individual if they stopped getting attention all the time. Just report them and move on? What Justjess is experiencing is awful, but the only way to support her is to be there for her and report. These endless discussions about the troll(s)...
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    "Concentration camps-like" migrant youth shelters in the US have taken over 10,000 children.

    If this treatment of children does not make your heart ache, it means you have a serious deficiency in empathy. You do not have to be a brainwashed leftie to feel this is way beyond anything acceptable, this is simply inhuman. I am pretty sure this is against the teachings of any religion, and...
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    New YouTube series: Islamicize me

    Can you please tell me/start a thread on how Christianity was proved by science?
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    Me, too.

    Me, too.
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    Dangers Of Marijuanas

    I just made a batch of coconut weed oil. It's great for chronic pain. I believe stuff straight from a plant is always better than anything bought from a store.
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    Random Thoughts

    Okay, that makes me understand your reply a little better. I guess most people here with mental illness are her, then.
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    Random Thoughts

    I was responding to someone else. And no I have not. I am very sorry for what Jess is experiencing though, but Chassidy is not all people with mental illness.
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    Random Thoughts

    I think people with mental illness will always be drawn to conspiracy boards, after all paranoia and multiple personality disorders are something that will make one question reality. I think as long as they do not threaten anyone, they should not be insulted or paid unnecessary attention to by...
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    Eid Mubarak!

    Eid Mubarak!
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    RAMADAN Join Us On this Journey

    Wow MashaAllah what a bounty. Beautiful. And remember Allah is the most Merciful. Make taubah, pay for the days you did not fast and try better next year. If you are sincere, Allah promises to forgive you. Eid Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters. May Allah reward your fasting. Ameen.
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    Anthony Bourdain commits suicide

    Yes; but his drug use was 30 years ago according to all prior sources and he said that drugs would be the way to go if he ever would go by choice. But he was dead chuffed to be a dad and for everyone who knew him by watching his shows, reading his books etc this is entirely out of character...
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    Favorite Quran Verses

    “ The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better, then lo! he, between whom and thee there was enmity (will become) as though he was a bosom friend.{ Quran ch41-verse 34 } Quran 39:53, Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by...
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    Anthony Bourdain commits suicide

    That is because Tonys instagram posts imply killing Weinstein. It has just backfired for him, so it seems.
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    Anthony Bourdain commits suicide

    If you look at Bourdains instagram you will see a lot of dark pictures concerning people being murdered or lynched in the weeks before his death. Most include a form of slicing the throat and one in particular threatens weinstein. It strikes me as some kind of war being waged between a few...
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    RAMADAN Join Us On this Journey

    May Allah bless all the sincere brothers and sisters with paradise for their efforts And may He reward those who struggle with peace And the poor with their needs met And the elderly with vitality And the young ones with happiness, ameen :)