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    Macy's Department Store

    Outstanding work Sibi, deserves a wider audience.
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    All the symbols/hand gestures Megathread

    Hi Vmort, I'm not the creator of this Pinterest board, just sharing what I found on my online travels :) By the way, I think the black/white checkerboard on the masonic tracing boards is also a reflection of the conscious / subconscious duality concept... Ah, the fault is mine, apologies...
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    All the symbols/hand gestures Megathread

    Superb collection of various occult gestures Highly recommended!
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    False Flag season will soon be upon us again
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    All the symbols/hand gestures Megathread

    Again from BBC, this time Adele
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    All the symbols/hand gestures Megathread

    Front page of BBC Sport has Nadal celebrating. Check the hand signal...
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    The Grand Scheme of Things: Resources for an awakening humanity.

    This was the conclusion I came to. That for me, the vax was definitely not the right way to go because I didn't trust the people advocating it or producing it etc. I was comfortable with my decision. For others, with that faith in the process, perhaps for them it was the better decision. I...
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    The religion of the elites

    Unfortunately the enemy knows full well how to exploit divisions within the various faiths and denominations. It would be great if we could put some of them to one side and try and focus on our shared foe: but...
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    The religion of the elites

    Hi Jimmy and welcome :) Some good answers above. For myself, I don't think there's a simple answer, or at least I've yet to find one which fully satisfied. We see this through a glass darkly, they don't call it occult for nothing! It also appears, perhaps by design, that there are factions and...
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    MK Ultra Art TW

    I think you're on the right approach to try to identify recurring themes. I did try that myself in the Satanism in Art thread and perhaps your posts above could be copied into that one? @Vmort has done a fantastic job in putting that together and we should help him as much as possible. I say...
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    ENDGAME: Will the real “Great Reset” turn out to be the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic

    I think the 'elites' which are on view at present are destined to fall. Klaus Schwaub, Bill Gates etc. My worry is that the 'good guys' who come riding to the rescue are ultimately simply the right hand of the puppet master, who has sacrificed the rather obvious creeps on the left hand in order...
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    12 reasons why salvation is permament ans OSAS is true (with supporting verses)

    It doesn't feel right to me Jimmy, others will be far better able to debate the scriptural justification, but I worry that there are some that would use OSAS as justification for doing things which have real consequences for others and I don't think that would, or should be overlooked when a...
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    A time to come together?

    Just to clarify, I'm not advocating anything along those lines. Fwiw I think the ecumenical movement is a tool of TPTB. It's more that our shared enemy relies on the doctrine of divide and conquer and the more we play into that the stronger they become and conversely the weaker we are.
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    A time to come together?

    I enjoy the various debates on this board and think the process is helpful in revealing truths or refining understanding, so please bear that in mind when I say.... Is it time to put aside some of the issues that divide us and focus on the many things on which we can all unite? One of my...
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    The "Asteroid" Anticipation Thread

    Very interesting approach and a deep rabbit hole. There's an intro section on the site which could help but let me know if you have questions and I'll try and answer, been reading this person's take for almost 2 years now. Incidentally when I checked the page it's one that's been updated /...