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    kanye is a bipolar fraud.

    But that was exactly what I was trying to understand, and to better understand his agenda (assuming there is one), its imprortant to examine the connection he has to someone like Trump. Trump, who is trying to get taken down by the same mind controlling, pedo shadow government that controls...
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    kanye is a bipolar fraud.

    It may seem like a derail, but the connection between one and the other could reveal a lot about each (namely wtf Kanye is really all about). What does Trump’s supposed Zionist (agenda?) have to do with whether Kanye is being real or not? One side hates the other (yet Kanye is buddies with...
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    kanye is a bipolar fraud.

    Kanye’s connection to Trump is what confuses me the most in all this. The thing is, we know there’s a shadow government controlling many influential people and it is riddled with Satanists. I haven’t heard anything about Trump being involved in Satanism to date (maybe this doesn’t mean...
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    I see eyes everywhere - AllSeeingEye symbolic pics sharing thread

    They had this Tiffany’s display set up in the mall. You walk through this box/room and when you get inside, there are mirrors everywhere, very much like fun house mirrors. For the purpose of taking “interesting pictures/selfies
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    John Legend Kelly Clarkson rewrite 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

    Thank you, government-backed music industry for “protecting” those who will be triggered by the original lyrics to this age-old song. To me, this is an insult to people who’ve have had to deal with these very real, painful experiences. How about increasing funding for mental health services and...
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    Thank you for this link! I’m really grateful. I can’t believe I never knew about this site’s existence and there is SO much content :eek::D
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    Ellen and The Fall of The Bloodline Aristocracy

    Her articles and podcasts are blowing my mind.
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    Hollywood & the CIA

    no, she doesn't actually call him out about him being a "bad father" or a "creep" which he is... but she did post the video (idk, calling the video out then?), and for that I'm happy.
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    Hollywood & the CIA

    This article blew my mind, Thank you, Swiftturtle! On a separate note, I plugged into other parts of TIffany's site and was happy to see she called out this CREEP, Jason Momoa, who will never be highlighted as one on youtube because of his popularity...
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    Trump will be re-elected

    Yeah I kind of wish the interviewer delved into how she thought that up a bit more. Like, why “9”?
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    Trump will be re-elected

    We already got one of those planets, Rose. It’s called mushrooms o_O lol
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    The only way OUT is IN.

    The only way OUT is IN.
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    Uh oh - Britney Spears back in "mental facility" 2019...

    I don't understand this one; is she responding to a comment? Maybe it's the image (for some reason the image doesn't show for me)
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    This is not a BTS discussion thread

    I mean, I wouldn't think that deeply into it. It solved more than my problem. I think we good now :)
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    This is not a BTS discussion thread

    Oh, there's a solution alright, and this particular rant (thread) did solve the problem. it's called "ignore" :D