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    US deploys carrier strike group to send 'clear and unmistakable message' to Iran

    They are really searching for a reason to attack Iran so they can get their oil. It's disturbing to watch how openly they play this game too.
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    What brought you to the VCF and why do you stay?

    I truly enjoy a debate and I used to believe in a lot of conspiracies when I was younger. I have just changed and started seeing things from a different viewpoint which I like to give so the younger people here have some things to ponder. I don't expect anyone to agree with me, I thought I knew...
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    Uh oh - Britney Spears back in "mental facility" 2019...

    Well maybe she's been put on psychiatric meds against her will, they make you gain weight. Either way it's involuntary.
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    Oh I love Sarah Brightman :D
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    Queen- Who wants to live forever And a very well done classical cover I think: Unusual for a Queen cover. But I really like this.
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    All hail satan

    I think you need help. Call a therapist if voices are talking to you.
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    Any satanists here?

    I think you're probably not at the right board then, I am an atheist and don't find much support here either but that's why I joined. I am here for the debate with those opposing my views. If you want an echo chamber for your own views it's better to go elsewhere.
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    About Greta Thunberg

    Either way, whatever is up with her she deserves dignity and humane treatment and she is witheld a normal childhood and I think this is very upsetting. Just like children forced to perform like Michael Jackson etc, this is just unethical.
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    Intersectionality Quiz

    Your intersectionality score: 52 79% of others are more privileged than you. I guess the less privileged you are, the more you think of other's suffering.
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    Straight Pride Parade-Boston

    Because you should be able to do whatever you want in the privacy of your bedroom, granted you are a consenting adult with another consenting adult. No one has the right to determine what you should do with your body or your sexuality. Would you like the government to check if you're doing it...
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    Netherlands: 17-year-old r*pe victim legally euthanized

    As a Dutchie weighing in: No she was not euthanised. Because she was too young. She died because she refused all food and drink and was already weakened from years of starving herself. But because she made a request to be euthanized, the American media is all over it because they love to paint...
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    About Greta Thunberg

    I am sorry for this girl too. I am not so much a believer in the Illuminati, but as with many of these young children used for an agenda she's way too young to be doing what she does voluntarily. If she's autistic, it is even worse. It's clear to me that she is a puppet to a grown up agenda and...
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    I guess as the masons are quite a big fellowship, ofc they are going to use their symbols whenever they can. But I don't think they're half as powerful as most VC people seem to think.
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    Random Thoughts

    I like it.
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    Men are socialized to be rapists

    By whom exactly are paranoid women made to think that? Because men are ofcourse never part of a reason why a women could be scared. You clearly have no idea about the lived experience of many women who get daily catcalls and other sexual intimidation. There are plenty of studies on that...