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    Pope states he is "the devil"

    Wew that’s not creepy at all /s
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    That sounds amazing actually!

    That sounds amazing actually!
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    What is your #lifegoal?

    Mainly hiking related Appalachian Trail in its entirety has been on my mind for years but obviously i have to start smaller as im not in great shape at all lol. Maybe one day Everest but not something I think about too often.
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    Another Perspective On Lgbtq

    Transgender is DEFINITELY a mental disorder. However, mental disorder often carries a negative connotation.
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    How Technology Is Making Us Less Intelligent

    I personally see it as dumb inducing but i acknowledge i have an addiction to it like many others. an aDEEktion that will be worked on in due time but im working on alcohol and hookah first, then diet, then staring at a screen for 12+ hours a day bwahaha :rolleyes:
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    The Clintons

    Well they certainly have no shame, about the only thing I can give them lol.
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    Why did you pick your username?

    "Darth" is pretty self explanatory, a title for the Sith, and "Ghidorah" comes from my favorite Godzilla villain, King Ghidorah. So just combined the two with me birth year.
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    any recommendations for making broth? just buy the carton and add veggies and chicken to it?
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    ginger a healthy herb for our tummys

    do yall just buy the root and grind it? or do they sell it as a powder? or i guess just get the tea version?
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    Islam questions

    Im a believer in God but not by any form of God written by a man. However, I am always curious about the Big 3 as they cuase so much violence and chaos around the world. Islam I am finally getting into. What is pbuh and why do yall say it after every mention of mohammed and god, even posts...
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    Any President Trump supporters in here?

    I am a supporter. Like all men of this realm, he is flawed. But I think he is a good person.
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    University Pulls Article on Gender Dysphoria Study Due to Accusations of Transphobia

    Transgenderism is a mental disorder. They need help.