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    Occult Books for Beginners

    "You're a shell if you don't share my personal view of the conspiracy!" I also don't rightly care what "VC" believes in... I've long spoken that I think the focus on symbolism is largely meaningless since symbols only have the power that are given my individuals and that the same thing can mean...
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    Barack Obama is he the Antichrist

    Considering that half of America hated him, no.
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    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    What crystals are, narratively, in Final Fantasy games varies from game to game and sometimes even within the games. In some of the older games, crystals are basically... Fragments of creation, based on the classic elements of earth, fire, air (usually called wind in Final Fantasy), and water...
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    What are you listening to?

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    Standing up to the new religion of “Wokeism”

    That argument that "wokeism" in the OP could be applied to literally any ideology. And while as a Christian anarchist, I'd absolutely love to dismantle capitalism on the grounds that it's a religion forced upon me... It's not a religion. And neither is "wokeish". Or CRT. And like... I wish...
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    Occult Books for Beginners

    This, 100% unironically. Chaos magick as a whole is a great primer for the occult.
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    What do the Olympic Rings Symbolize?

    Any and all symbols can have multiple meanings, usually depending on the content. The "horns" of heavy metal can just symbolize the musical genre, actual black magic, protection from black magic/curses, or the Texas Longhorns. It's part of the reason why I feel the huge focus on symbolism in...
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    Propaganda and social engineering

    Right. Rather that putting their young daughter in a shirt that says "ho" (even though the vast majority of parents nowadays wouldn't either), but they would sell their child into a marriage the moment she had her period. Yes. They would have been put in asylum. Or locked in an attic. They...
  9. C which is it? ..."A-OK" or "666" hand sign???

    Context. Matters. That shouldn't be a hard thing to understand. When this guy does it? It's totally a call sign. Since you know, that's Richard Spencer. An actual neo-nazi. I mean, do people serious not think context matters?
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    Propaganda and social engineering

    I am Christian. :p I just don't believe in letting the world burn since it and people are worth saving.
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    Propaganda and social engineering

    So... Is every gay person I know, hiding a secret life of orgies from me or something? Even if they are... How is it any different from all the straight people I know who've had dozens of sexual partners? We're more aware of the world around us in the modern era and slowly starting to treat...
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    Why is Feminism much worse than Cancer nowadays that is caused by women which keeps most men single?

    I don't know. As someone who identifies as Christian, I think free will is pretty essential to my beliefs. More importantly, as a human who believes in liberty, I believe we really shouldn't try to control our fellows. And as a man, I sure as hell wouldn't want a person as a partner who acts...
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    Why is Feminism much worse than Cancer nowadays that is caused by women which keeps most men single?

    It's completely up to me to decide what my role in my life is. Free will, and all that. Not that I believe its any sort of sin to believe that all human beings deserve liberty to make their own choices.
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    Masters of the Universe: Revelation + Illuminati symbols (spoilers)

    Tri-Klops technically has three eyes. It's sort of his thing. I think the whole 'become a cyborg to survive' thing is more about an over-reliance on technology, in a world devoid of magic (or the divine) than anything else. anyway, my predictions for Part 2. Evil-Lyn betrays Skeletor for...
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    Why is Feminism much worse than Cancer nowadays that is caused by women which keeps most men single?

    I felt the need to do that, since the rest of the post was trying to make an argument that civil rights were a bad thing and most of his other posts in this topic have been pretty much saying women would be happier if they had less freedom and were submissive to the men in their life.