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    Men are socialized to be rapists

    If every cop in an Alaskan village is a domestic abuser I guarantee you there is r*pe involved as well. Just google r*pe statistics and Alaskan native women, then just google women and Alaska. Ok it’s good you think you they deserve extra jail time, but cops never get punished. It’s the right...
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    Men are socialized to be rapists

    “One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside” I hope that’s the worst thing I’ll ever see, because it is the worst thing I have ever seen. Call r*pe culture a bunch of SJW nonsense but it isn’t to those girls. There was nothing I could do for them, maybe there psychiatrists can. I...
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    Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With p***philia?

    Projecting. Trump talked sexually about Ivanka until she was an adult.
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    Crazy Stuff--Insert Here

    Yeah yeah I don’t buy the incel shit. It sucks to be lonely but it’s not the end of the world and trust me, if I can get laid anyone can. I’m 5”6 and really do resemble a gremlin ( stripe, the handsome one ) I’m not some guy who can go to a bar and go home with someone every night, but if I put...
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    Theological differences between Protestantism and Roman Catholic Church

    Protestants practice idolatry too, they worship the Bible. Let’s not pretend they are any better or that the reformation was worth it. While Luther did whatever he wanted while writing on the toilet because of chronic constipation he betrayed peasants and allowed them to be slaughtered. He...
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    Men are socialized to be rapists

    The Village Where Every Cop Has Been Convicted of Domestic Violence I worked at a youth center for troubled teens in Alaska for a while and virtually every girl there was a...
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    Is it moral for our governments to impose poverty on us?

    It is left or right, it’s just that pretty much all politicians, and certainly all Presidents are right wing. The OP was right it’s not a democracy, but instead of hypocrisy he should have called it what it is, an oligarchy.
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    What are you listening to?

    Happy Moon Landing Day!
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    Is it moral for our governments to impose poverty on us?

    You misunderstood her GCB, she was replying sarcastically to Thunderian.
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    Jeffrey Epstein. Hello?

    Rick Wiles is a theocratic psycho
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    Abortion : The Otherside of the slippery slope Here it shows 1 in 6 which is nearly 17% and there is every reason to believe the number is higher.
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    Does God Love Unconditionally?

    “Whoever loves God rightly, must not demand that God love him in return” -Baruch Spinoza A complex statement for sure. One way of understanding it is that love is unselfish. To show God’s love, you love without the expectation of a reward from God. So no I don’t believe that God loves us...
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    Abortion : The Otherside of the slippery slope

    1) The End times Prophecies are so vague and symbolic that they can be applied to any and all situations if taken literally, and indeed that has been the historical truth. The end is coming with Napoleon, the end is coming with World War One, with the Russian Revolution with World War Two with...
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    Random Thoughts

    I don’t know what Bible you have read because Jesus rebelled against the Priesthood, the provincial government of Herod and the Roman Empire itself.
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    Does God Love Unconditionally?

    Yes, and again I would like to draw attention to isolated people. Some believe that once every person on Earth hears the Gospel then the world ends. Well I have to say there are still isolated tribes of people that will never hear it. Even if some missionary makes it there they will never be...