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    How Did You Decide What You Wanted to Do With Your Life?

    Work to live not live to work!! ME: Age 42, still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up lol
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    Jeffery Epstein Commits Suicide

    100% not just the Clintons but Prince Andrew too, can't have one of the queens own children being implicated in any way!
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    Jeffery Epstein Commits Suicide

    Do they really have the brain cells to come up with anything on their own?
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    Jeffery Epstein Commits Suicide

    To protect his pedo pals more than likely!
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    Random Thoughts

    What'up biatches, what's happenin? :P Just checking in, sticking my oar in and leaving again for another undisclosed period of time :) Hope everyone is doing ok? x
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    Sims 4 Is part of MK ULTRA? Quantum Leaping? Read details

    Never had any issues with this and I play the sims 4 frequently, like prob every day really but I have had other things seep into my sleep etc a few years ago I started playing hearthstone and I was having dreams about real life things like brushing my teeth etc but sometimes I never had enough...
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    Ive just totally put it out of my mind, major disappointment, didn't happen lol Anybody watched 12 Monkeys, now that was an amazing show, no plotholes, amazing character development, excellent writing, brilliant acting (a few GoT actors in it too and Impractical Jokers cast) the best finale and...
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    Favorite Fictional Characters

    Jennifer Goines 12 Monkeys TV series!!
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    Black Mirror Season 5

    Black Mirror is brilliant! Cant wait, also cant wait for Handmaids Tale!
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    I cannot believe how much they fucked it up. From the Battle of Winterfell episode I was thinking, wait, what, aw maybe they will explain more about the Night King next episode they have to, its just GoT being GoT and there's gonna be some surprise plot twists, surely they can't build the Night...
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    'Thor' and 'Terminator' actor Isaac Kappy dies after jumping from motorway bridge
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    Good start. I dont think it would have been good if it was right into something big, poor Sam. I wonder if he could betray Jon because of Danerys though, dont want to post any spoilers but so glad its finally back, watched it last night on now tv missed first ten mins though so rewatching it...
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    The Got Thread!!! (spoiler Alert.. Just In Case!)

    recall seeing that image a while back and as far as I remember the bit on Bran was photoshopped in, not to say he isnt the night king though. I think he might warg into the night king and maybe get stuck there somehow, a bit like what happened with Hodor. I think Bran might also warg into the...