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    Trump Orders Strikes on Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack

    Trump and Putin are on the same side, they are fighting againts people that hold the peoples mind hostage and thats a powerful weapon which you have to fight carefully.... so they palyed the game...OH YOU WANT SOME BOMBS AND START WW3? .....Hey ASAAD? GOT SOME SPARE EMPTHY PLACES TO BOMB SO WE...
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    Q Clearance Information Drops

    Finaly someones talking about this, I BELIEVE 100% its the real deal and a revolution is underway growing steady beneath the surface and we will know only when its over
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    True Pic taken by the panda grizli hybrid satelite with hd puding resolution cameras
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    Mk Ultra "glitch" Videos

    They are both satanist who allow demons to possess them during shows Beyonce paid over one million $ to create a special birth room, the room was heavily guarded and no one got a real peak I think the whole birth was some dark ritual to summon some dark spirit to enter this girls body I pity...
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    If I didn't believe with 99.9% certainty that Trump, Assad, and Putin were on the same team I would be worried As I stated, there is a positive group opposing the Illuminati and they are using the same deceptive tactics used by the Cabal, and that is because the evil ones control the masses...
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    Dangers Of Marijuanas

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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    My point is that even though the reality is not real, it doesn't mean there are no morals, no rules, and everything is meaningless
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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    The Mandela effect is real - for those who argue its not then your problem - your only explanation is "faulty memory" as far as i could read Faulty memory is confused with an inability to make your own mind and stand for what you believe in - even when everybody thinks they are right - so many...
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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    Boom, you got nothing The world is an illusion but what is an illusion ? Imagine a Virtual Reality so real you can die in it - feel every little thing and all the horrors and pleasures you experience in there stick with you as real memories when you get out So that means I have the right...
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    What you are supposed to think about Stalin, and why - a message to the youth

    @Etalogic - the point you are making is that Stalin had some good qualities, and Hitler did also, for real, they were good leaders for a while, both of them were seen in their prime as great men who saved their country, you really think that a normal human being could have filled those "great...
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    What you are supposed to think about Stalin, and why - a message to the youth

    I'm not judging you, you raise really good points but the top of the iceberg is this: Stalin was part of the same group as HITLER, CHURCHILL AND ROOSEVELT The whole war was a giant scam These 3 guys are war criminals , their crimes will be revealed as soon as the curtain falls You have one...
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    16 Year OId bashed online by group of MGTOW. What is this movement?

    Leaving aside all the troling which i Leaving aside all the trolling which I realy don't care about, this videos is so real Women brains are totally different then guys, most women don't even know what they want most of the time It's not that men's brains are better, they are different, we...
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    There's a big war coming and it involves Israel

    There may a small conflict but NO WAR Its almost done - these guys have lost - they are in their final stages of defeat and are acting tough and strong but its all a bluff The sociopath mind cannot comprehend defeat but even if you cannot comprehend a truck is going straight for your face...
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    Back to the Mandela Effect, weird evidence

    The Mandela effect is real if even 30% of the claims are true , and they are - there are many cases of misremembering and stuff but I have no doubt its real And to those who freak out and think its a conspiracy or a weapon of some sort - RELAX Its the side effects of the EVENT the earth is...
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    It is Time

    I saw star wars 20 times, 3cpo didn't have a silver foot and Darth Vader sais : LUKE- I AM - YOUR FATHER and not - NO - I AM YOUR FATHER But everything is a weather balloon , or a giant gas leak, or bad memory or whatever Let us close this site down - we are wasting our times guys