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Montreal update: we've been getting low altitude fly-bys for a few days, by planes without callsign but flying formation, clearly military. In Canada, this is very unusual over populated centers. Last night, fighters were keeping a corridor open late at night between Perth, near Ottawa, and St Jean, the nearest military base with an airfield. I'd guess some VIP coming to town.
One brazilian volunteer of Oxford's Covid-19 Vaccine has died. ANVISA (Brazilian FDA) didn't disclosed if he was taking placebo or not.
On November 10th 1975 the UNGA passed resolution 3379 (XXX). Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination that determined that Zionism is a racist ideology. This was later revoked, UNGA Res 46/86, on December 16th 1991 under Israeli threat to boycott the Madrid peace conference.
... and now, exactly at the midway point of the lockdown, SNL (the elite mouthpiece where jokes go to die) does a skit about Canada with some very specific Montreal references. Not sure how that fits in, if at all...

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